Will gout go away if i lose weight?

Exercise and weight loss also lower uric acid levels and help prevent gout outbreaks. In a small trial, patients who lost 16 pounds decreased their uric acid levels by 3 points. You can control gout if you actually make good lifestyle choices, Dr. A review of 10 studies on gout and weight loss found that you lose 7.7 pounds (pounds).

One of the most helpful ways to prevent gout attacks is to maintain a healthy body weight. Research has shown that excess weight is a major risk factor for developing gout. If you're overweight, losing weight can lower uric acid levels in your body and significantly reduce the risk of gout attacks. However, losing weight remains one of the best long-term solutions for anyone suffering from gout.

Over time, weight loss can help lower and stabilize uric acid levels. That's why, for many people, gout and weight-loss surgery are interrelated. Patients with gout should work with medical professionals who can help both lose weight and manage symptoms of gout. Another study conducted at the University of Auckland in New Zealand also suggests that patients with gout who are obese could benefit from bariatric surgery, which will control the crystallization of uric acid in the joints, further prevent gout attacks and reduce inflammation caused by weight loss.

As for the type of diet you should follow, the traditional idea was that reducing the amount of foods containing purines could substantially lower the risk of gout outbreaks. Another feature that can make weight-loss surgery a perfect option for people with obesity who have had problems controlling their diet and have had recurrent gout is the ability to control gout regularly and efficiently. The problem is that most people who suffer from gout find it difficult to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. Losing weight alone can lower blood levels of uric acid, as well as the number of gout attacks, preventing hyperuricemia, so it's obvious that if you're overweight and gout, immediately consider losing weight with whatever method you want.

If you're determined to lose weight, it's important to avoid intensive diets at all costs, as losing weight quickly and going hungry for long periods of time can increase uric acid levels in your body and cause you to have an unwanted gout attack. Third, the definition of gout in epidemiological studies varies and includes, either in isolation or in combination, gout diagnosed by the physician based on history and examination, prescribing practices, and the analysis of health care data sets or coding systems. The problem, however, is that most people suffering from gout find that losing weight through diet and exercise alone is a challenge, if not impossible, to do. People with gout can help themselves by adding citrus fruits and other vitamin C-rich foods (such as strawberries and peppers) to their diet.

We tested the hypothesis that people who were losing weight had a higher risk of developing gout than people who maintained a non-obese BMI over time (“residual risk hypothesis”), meaning that people who have been obese have a higher risk of developing gout than those who have never been obese. People who reported receiving a first diagnosis of gout between 10 years before the survey and the time of the survey were considered to have incident gout. If you have painful gout attacks, talk to your doctor or bariatric surgeon about surgery for gout and weight loss. Gout treatment should improve disease outcomes by minimizing outbreaks of gout, inducing long-term resolution of tophos, and more effectively treating comorbidities, many of which are associated with hyperuricemia.


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