What can cause gout other than diet?

However, if you have too much, sharp crystals of uric acid can build up in your joints. This causes an outbreak of gout, stress, infections, sudden illnesses, hospitalization, surgery and extreme weather changes. Meat (especially offal, such as liver and sweetbreads) and shellfish (such as fish and shellfish) can be high in chemicals called purines. When the body breaks them down, the level of uric acid increases.

Soft drinks and fruit sugar-flavored juices, such as high-fructose corn syrup, can cause outbreaks of gout. If you have sudden, severe pain in a joint, call your doctor. Gout that isn't treated can cause worsening pain and joint damage. Seek immediate medical attention if you have a fever and a joint is hot and swollen, which may be a sign of infection.

Gout occurs when urate crystals build up in the joint, causing the inflammation and severe pain of a gout attack. They can also talk about changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle to prevent and reduce gout attacks. When gout is left untreated, the periods between acute gout attacks get shorter and the attacks, although sometimes less intense, can last longer. There are several reasons why people with gout and kidney disease should start taking medications to lower urate with a single gout attack.

Many people avoid outbreaks of gout and can reduce the severity of their symptoms, and may even stop having gout. Almost everyone with gout has high uric acid levels in this case, although not everyone with high uric acid levels has gout.

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