How long will gout recover?

It takes approximately 7 to 14 days to fully recover from a gout attack (without treatment). Initially, episodes are usually few and far between. They only last a week or so and then everything seems to return to normal with no symptoms between episodes. If the disease is not controlled with medication, attacks may occur more frequently and may last longer.

Repeated episodes can damage affected joints. If your joints have been damaged, you may have joint stiffness and limited movement after an attack. The pain and discomfort that accompany a gout outbreak usually last between 5 and 10 days. The first 2 or 3 days are usually the worst, so it's important to have information to help you avoid pain before it becomes debilitating.

After a first gout outbreak, 75 percent of people will have a second one within a year; but some people may go years before another attack, Dr. The intermediate stage is “when a person has already had a gout outbreak but doesn't currently have any joint pain or swelling,” he says. Most people with gout don't overconsume alcoholic beverages or foods rich in purines, and even for those who do, eliminating these elements is rarely enough on its own to improve gout symptoms. If you have more than one gout outbreak per year, it's very important that you take regular gout medication, says Dr.

In a recent study, for example, only 37 percent of people with gout were taking allopurinol, a medication to lower uric acid; among gout patients with frequent outbreaks, only half were taking that. However, the progression of gout is certainly not inevitable, which is close to the best news any patient with gout can hear. The big toe is a known site of gout attacks, but gout can affect many different joints throughout the body. As you become familiar with the symptoms of gout, you may feel that a gout attack is coming.

Over time, gout can start to affect more joints throughout the body and cause problems such as gout, tophus, and permanent bone damage. While eating foods high in purines can contribute to high levels of uric acid, many experts believe that the role of diet in the development of gout is overemphasized.

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