Does protein make gout worse?

Moderate intake of vegetables or purine-rich proteins is not associated with an increased risk of gout. Animal proteins are high in purines. Since the accumulation of purines can cause high levels of uric acid, which in turn can cause gout, it is best to avoid or strictly limit these foods. It is not recommended to be overweight, drink alcohol and eat a lot of purine-rich foods in a diet for gout.

It's best to avoid foods made with yeast, including baked goods and beer, if you have gout. Also avoid foods and beverages that contain caffeine, as they can worsen gout. However, the inverse ratio of soy protein and soy foods to droplet attenuated to zero (P for trend %3D 0.86 and P for trend %3D 0.36, respectively), while the association between legumes other than soy and droplet was not substantially changed, with a CRI to compare the first and fourth cuartiles of 0.83 (95%) CI 0.70—0.98; P for the trend %3D 0.0. Participants who developed gout also had high levels of consumption of total protein, red meat (including pork, veal, and lamb), poultry, and fish and seafood at the start of the study, compared to those who remained gout free (Table.

Participants with prevalent gout who were diagnosed before the start of the study (n %3D 1.08) or those who were not old at the time of diagnosis of gout (n %3D) were also excluded. Two population cohorts in the U.S. Department of State showed that the self-report of gout diagnosed by the physician had moderate to good reliability and sensitivity, and researchers suggested that the self-report of gout diagnosed by the physician is appropriate for epidemiological studies (4). Although large-scale cohort studies in the U.S.

Department of Health) have demonstrated that 94% of self-reported gout can be validated by reviewing medical records to verify compliance with ACR criteria, and low agreement between physician evaluations and several gout criteria is common (40). The interviewers confirmed that the participants had gout, but not another form of arthritis, by verifying with the participants that the diagnosis of gout was based on joint pain and swelling attributed to the hyperuricemia reported by their doctors. Gout can be painful, but making dietary changes can help limit the risk of attacks due to this type of arthritis, which affects approximately 1 in 100 people, according to health information provider A.

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