Are tomatoes good for gout diet?

Tomatoes are a low-purine food, so they're not usually on the list of foods to avoid for gout. However, research shows that, even without purines, tomatoes can increase uric acid levels and worsen symptoms of gout. Tomatoes are linked to a higher level of uric acid in the blood. This means that they can be a trigger for gout in some people.

However, tomatoes are not a gout trigger for everyone. In fact, tomatoes may help reduce inflammation and the symptoms of gout in some people. The best way to know if tomatoes are a trigger for you is to keep a food diary. Next, I'll discuss what gout is, the relationship between tomatoes and gout sprouts, other common foods that cause gout that you should know about, and when to see a doctor if you have a gout attack.

Eating a diet rich in foods high in purines can cause gout. Tomatoes are a food, the absence of which causes food to have no flavor. In addition to increasing the flavor of dishes, tomatoes help regulate the level of uric acid. By consuming it daily, you can also avoid the problem of arthritis.

It also contains very little purine, which helps to normalize the level of uric acid. I have suffered from gout for many years and have supported myself through many personal experiments. The elimination of tomatoes has prevented further gout attacks. Of the 2051 New Zealand men and women with gout surveyed, 1447 (70.6%) reported that ≥1 food or drink triggered acute gout attacks; 905 (62.5%) specified seafood or fish, 681 (47.1%) alcohol, 509 (35.2%) red meat and 292 (20.2%) tomatoes (Fig.

It wasn't until I did my own research that I discovered that sugar was one of the toxins most ignored by people suffering from gout, along with a diet rich in meat. A group of researchers from the Otago Department of Biochemistry observed that a large number of people with gout believe that tomatoes are one of these foods that trigger gout. Although tomatoes are very nutritious and obviously suitable for most patients with gout, tomatoes should be eaten as part of an overall balanced diet. This study aimed to determine the frequency of tomato consumption as a self-reported trigger for gout outbreaks in a large set of gout samples from New Zealand (including Maori and Pacific Island participants).

In short, while excluding tomatoes from the diet won't help everyone, it can be extremely beneficial for some people suffering from gout. Two thousand and fifty-one New Zealanders (of Maori, Pacific Island, European or other descent) were asked with clinically proven gout about foods that trigger gout. Ms. Flynn says that, while her research is not aimed at demonstrating that tomatoes trigger gout attacks, it does suggest that this food may alter uric acid levels to a degree comparable to other foods commonly accepted as triggers for gout.

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