Are mushrooms ok for gout diet?

A healthy diet full of vegetables is great for everyone, but for those with gout it is essential. Current research shows that even vegetables that are high in purines do not increase the chances of suffering from gout, so even mushrooms, spinach and asparagus are safe. Mushrooms are also low in calories, contain no fat or cholesterol, and are very low in sodium. And if you're vegan, mushrooms are the only source of unfortified vitamin D in your diet.

Overall, a highly nutritious and extremely healthy food. This is the so-called “mycelium”, the fungal strands from which fungi sprout. A mushroom is actually the fruit of a much larger mushroom that grows underground. In nature, mycelium can stay underground for a long time.

If circumstances are favorable, especially the presence of food, humidity and temperature are important: buds will form that seek daylight. This is the birth of a fungus. The small ball, usually white, will quickly grow into a suitable mushroom. The lid will open and start dropping millions of tiny seeds (spores).

These seeds spread by the wind, end up in the ground and begin to form another mycelium. The health benefits are so compelling that they should be included in a well-balanced diet for gout, but with the caveat “in moderation”. So, like most things in life, the key for me is “in moderation”. Whether this is your first gout attack or you've had several outbreaks, hopefully the content included here will also help you stay gout free.

At the end of the day, mushrooms should be included in your diet for gout and enjoy a mushroom burger from time to time. However, people with gout should be careful not to run out of food, as fasting itself can cause a gout attack. The evidence to date clearly indicates that non-animal foods, such as mushrooms, fruits, legumes, nuts and vegetables, can protect against gout and, therefore, should not be restricted to those who suffer from it. Because weight loss reduces gout attacks in people who are overweight, fungi may have an additional benefit for those with gout.

A healthy diet for a person with gout should include all food groups and be rich in nutrient-rich, minimally processed ingredients. Eating cherries is sometimes recommended to prevent gout attacks, but there is no scientific evidence that it can help prevent gout.

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